Increase the number of visits to patients in the Medicine area of ​​the Hospital Base de Osorno

Starting this week, the different medicine sectors of the San José de Osorno Base Hospital, which maintain hospitalized patients, will be able to receive family members and close ones during hospital visits with an extra hour compared to what was being done since the start of the pandemic.

If before you could go once a week for an hour, from these days you will be able to go to the sectors for one more hour, according to what the hospital itself determines.

This was explained by the head of the Information, Claims and Suggestions Office (OIRS) of the Osorno Base Hospital, Alejandra García.

The professional pointed out that televisits, implemented during the pandemic and carried out by video calls, will also be maintained.

The other sectors of the hospital, such as neonatology, ICU, ICU, Pensioners, obstetrics-gynecology, surgery and pensioners maintain their visiting hours and days as they have been during the year, they reported from the campus.

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