Including “Peugeot 508” and “Insignia”.. 6 used cars starting from 86

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Friday 29 July 2022

second hand market

Books – Muhammad Jamal:

A large segment of consumers in the Egyptian market resorted to used cars as a cheap alternative that suits their financial capabilities, regardless of the year of manufacture or the luxuries that characterize them.

Despite the unprecedented rises in the prices of all cars, especially imported ones, there are still some cars belonging to well-known brands that can be purchased at reasonable prices, compared to the prices of new cars.

The following report lists the 6 most prominent cars available for sale in the electronic markets, at a price starting from 86,000 pounds.

On the following pages, you can learn about the 6 cars:

Children’s swimwear and floats with prices starting from 50 pounds

get to know her

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