Including eating bread in this way..common habits that destroy oral health

Scientific reports indicate that oral diseases affect approximately 3.5 billion people, according to the World Health Organization. While this number is alarming, there are many diseases that can be prevented, by avoiding common habits, which we review in the following report, According to a report by Eat This Not That.

The dentist, Joseph Salem, explained that one of the common habits that cause damage to the mouth is pressure on the teeth, when feeling angry or tense, for example, stressing that this action will, in turn, move to the surrounding structures, including the gums and bones around the teeth, as This causes the enamel layer covering the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to become damaged or cracked, which leads to tooth sensitivity due to enamel thinning, as well as jaw stiffness and headaches.

The doctor advised to get enough sleep, reduce stress and drink coffee, alcohol or cigarettes, especially in the evening, stressing that the best treatment is to use an acrylic mouthguard that prevents the teeth from rubbing against each other by covering their bumps.

The doctor warns against biting nails, as it is harmful to the teeth and jaw, and causes erosion of the enamel of the incisors and damage to the teeth, as explained by James A. Ruggiero, MD, of the Hackensack University Medical Center, that chewing solid foods, especially citrus fruits, causes acidity and tooth erosion.

Also, the doctor indicated that when chewing bread, saliva in the mouth causes the starches in the bread to break down into sugar, and the bread turns into a gum like paste in the mouth, which tends to stick to the cracks between the teeth, which leads to decay if the teeth are not taken care of and washed. .

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One of the common wrong habits is also, when you use your teeth to open bottles or tear open packaging, you risk pressing on the teeth, and this may cause injury to the gums, or move your teeth, and then you have to make orthodontics, so the doctor advised not to use teeth as tools.



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