Includes vaccination routes in Murau and Weiz

This fall, significantly fewer Styria are getting a coronavirus vaccination than a year ago. The vaccination roads in Murau, in the Murtal district, and in Weiz have not been used as much as expected for weeks.

The vaccination routes in Murau and Weiz will be closed at the end of the week. The further care of the population is ensured by the vaccination offices in the two districts, according to the state of Styria.

General practitioners continue to vaccinate

Since the beginning of the CoV vaccinations, in addition to the other recommended vaccinations, currently for example the flu vaccination, the one against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is also available from the resident doctors, emphasizes Gerald Lichtenegger, head of the country’s CoV pandemic management.

Vaccination is still recommended

According to the Austrian vaccination recommendations, all people from the age of five, children with risk factors even from the age of six months, must have at least a basic immunization of three vaccinations against serious diseases of a coronavirus infection and long-term health consequences such as Lung Covid.

A booster vaccination is now recommended for a large part of the population, and a fifth vaccination is also recommended and available for special groups of people after the appropriate period.

Vaccination routes are being evaluated

The vaccination routes in the west of Styria, in Deutschlandsberg and Voitsberg, are also below average compared to other Styrian regions, according to the pandemic management. The decision whether it will also be closed must be made by the end of the year.



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