Incidence below 50 for the first time since October, but Berlin is not loosening up – BZ Berlin

At last! On Tuesday, Berlin fell below the magical 50 threshold for the first time, which was set nationwide as the limit for corona restrictions after the first lockdown (35 in Berlin at the time).

For the first time since the beginning of the second wave in early October, the 7-day incidence fell to 46.5 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants!

A hard-won milestone – but will the Berliners be rewarded with further easing?

In Hamburg (incidence 33) and Bremen (46), for example, citizens can again shop without a quick test and enjoy outdoor dining. Bavarian children go to school again in regular classes when they fall below the 50 mark. Brandenburg is also loosening up from the beginning of June (see below).

And what about Berlin? A step-by-step plan applies here. It contains “considerations on further opening steps” every 14 days.

“The prerequisite is a steadily falling incidence, not a certain value,” says a spokeswoman for the Senate Health Administration when asked about BZ. “In Berlin, falling below the 50s incidence does not have any immediate (legal) consequences.”

The Senate agreed on this last week. The utilization of the intensive care beds also continues to play an important role in the decision on further opening steps – with the corona traffic light system as an indicator.

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Further opening steps will be prepared from June 4th.

► Five people from two households can meet inside, ten people from three households outside (plus children up to 14 years of age).

► Events outdoors with up to 500 people, in closed rooms with up to 100 people are allowed.

► Outdoor leisure activities (climbing forest, etc.) that require reservations and tests should also be permitted.

► Interior areas of the zoo, animal park and botanical garden are opened with reservation and testing requirements.

► Fitness, sports and dance studios are allowed to start operating with limited people, appointment booking and mandatory testing.

From June 18, the entire retail trade will open without testing or contact tracking.

► Indoor catering is also reopening – with testing and reservation requirements and limited number of people.

► Tourist overnight stays in hotels are again possible with a maximum of 50 percent occupancy.

► Meetings of ten people from three households indoors, outdoors with people from three households (plus children up to 14 years of age), outdoor events with up to 1000 people, indoors with up to 200 people are also allowed.

Utilization of intensive care beds is falling

The incidence slips below 50. But: even on Tuesday, only six districts transmitted figures.

It can be assumed that many reports of infection remained in the health authorities over Pentecost. 76 new infections and one further death were registered. 361 Covid-19 patients (-6) were treated in Berlin’s clinics, 187 (-1) of them in intensive care units. The intensive care bed utilization by Corona-Petinten has fallen to 16 percent, below 15 percent the traffic light switches to green.