In Xochimilco, a minibus collides with a pole and falls into the canal; watch video

There were at least 7 injured in the minibus accident in Xochimilco, which was caught on video. Photo: @chikistrakiz

another fort shock of minibus was registered in the CDMX (Mexico City); now, in the alkaloid of Xochimilcowhere one of these units went to press directly against a stamp Market stall where they sold food and further, after the accident, he ended up in a case channel. Everything is logged in video.

What is observed in the video of the minibus crashing in Xochimilco?

Via social networksas Facebookshared the video the exact moment when a minibus collides head on with a Market stall (where there were people). Everything is recorded by a camera that are on public roads, Xochimilco; there you can see the transit every day, but suddenly one of these transport He leaves his lane, invades the one in the opposite direction and unleashes the spectacular moment.

The Market stallwith a red half carp, fully received the impact of the unit of transport, who bumped everything in his path; after this, the vehicle have after a case channel who was behind the traveling business.

What did the CDMX authority say?

Time after it happened social networks accident, and videothis sunday night, the Mobility Secretary of CDMX released a fact sheet about the accident which caused the minibus of Route 81 on the Nuevo Leon Avenueof the aforementioned capital delimitation, where he highlighted the following:

  • They came to the place emergency servicesas well as staff of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection
  • was provided help seven people who suffered minor injuries that were not life-threatening
  • Semovi has contact with the representatives of the Route 81in order to ensure that they are held accountable for the affects derived from the fact
  • In parallel, the research so that, in case of liability, the administrative sanctions corresponding
  • will be given locate to the medical evolution of each injured person

What did the Xochimilco mayor’s office say?

Through them social networksthe alkaloid Xochimilco was also reported on the events, so that society was aware after the shock why is minibus. He emphasized the presence of different emergency bodies in the accident area, as well as the alternative route for the motorists:

And the driver? Why did the accident happen?

So far no authority has mentioned anything about the manager of minibus which is seen in the video viral; In addition, the exact reasons why the heavy unit ended up with the Market stall of food and then fell channel. Unofficial versions indicated, in Xochimilcowhich the driver allegedly fled.

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