This Monday the new Tourist and Ecological Complex ‘Puerto Noas’, Located in the Hill in Torreón. With a investment of 56.1 million pesos, a totally familiar space which means a strong social and economic impulse throughout the Lagunera region.

The work has 4,500 meters squares of concrete firm, maintenance garage 125 meters, 100 cubic meter cistern, three sanitary modules, channeling of facilities, administrative offices, access road and 2,180 square meters of natural areas.

The ribbon cutting was headed by the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, who thanked the restaurant union for their effort in economic reactivation after the pandemic.

“Everyone in the guild has behaved up to the task. They were a very important part of the economic reactivation. Today we are managed as one of the states that has reactivated its economy the fastest through the restaurant sector and the commerce sector ”, he stated.

“This is built, with a vision that goes beyond the emblematic Christ of the Noas, we started with the Cable Car with 160 million controversial pesos but it has more than 1 million visits.”

It details that it is a first stage of this Port Noas, where complementary actions will continue next year.

There will be restaurants and places

He said that an agreement had already been signed with the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), and in this space local restaurants will be installed soon.

They mount exhibition the Museum of the Desert

In addition, for the inauguration an exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs from the Desert Museum, It will only be there this week, according to the governor through his social networks.

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Puerto Noas, a totally familiar entertainment space

Verónica Soto Díaz, General Director of the Torreón and Puerto Noas Cable Car, ensures that this space, offers to your visitors gastronomy, nature, entertainment, exercise, fun, how is the Desert Museum exhibit, same that will only be this week. In addition, a agreement with local restaurants such as Farolitos, MAIA Culinary Workshop, Pinabete, Casa del Panini, Tacostao to be installed gradually and two more are yet to be defined. There is also interest in the initiative to build a hotel in some part of this space.

Interviewed about this space, she shared that this was a dream of the late Father Rodríguez Tenorio, creator of the concept. And called Puerto Noas because it is the door to reach the Cristo de las Noas with the best view of Coahuila

For 15 days there has been an increase in the number of visitors, according to Soto Díaz, which oscillates in the 800 daily and meanwhile on weekends 2,300 mainly tourists.

With the inauguration of Puerto Noas it is projected that sand increase visitor flow significantly by 30 percent. Currently they have nine gondolas and two more were requested, which were authorized, as well as an additional pair that will be in shelter to avoid long lines and will adjust the boarding from 7 minutes of waiting to 3.5 minutes.

Torreón cable car, the cheapest in the world

The Christ of the Noas it is already for the lagoons an icon and it is intended to make this space a place in addition to tourism, of economic promotion through the commercial premises and a gastronomic space. La rate will remain the same that he assured, is the more economical at the international and tourist level.

“It is the cheapest cable car in the world since the cost is 15 pesos older adults, students, children and people with capacity and 30 pesos for adults“, he claimed.

Finally said that There is no similar complex in Mexico. It has even aroused businessmen’s interest in building a hotel.l somewhere on this hill.

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