In the Voronezh region, restrictions will be strengthened due to the onset of the “omicron”


Antique restrictions will be strengthened in the Voronezh region due to the onset of the omicron. This was announced by Governor Alexander Gusev on Tuesday, January 11. The head of the region instructed to resume tough checks in the field of trade within a week.

The regional government clarified that we are talking about markets, fairs, shopping centers and shops. Antique measures must be strictly observed in these facilities, because in the near future, an increase in the incidence of coronavirus is possible.

– We will watch how the situation develops in large Russian cities. If growth there continues and is pronounced, it is necessary to proactively, without waiting for growth in our country, to tighten restrictive measures. And within a week, it is necessary to strengthen control over the implementation of existing restrictions and resume the system of active checks, ” summed up Alexander Gusev.

During the day in the Voronezh region, doctors diagnosed 197 cases of a dangerous infection. The increase in the incidence is obvious, because on the January holidays, covid was found in 185 people. Initially, doctors were ready for the outbreak of coronavirus after the New Year holidays, because the locals were actively spending their time.

Meanwhile, the Voronezh authorities prepared for the omicron offensive even before the New Year. For those sick with new strains, beds were opened in the hospital.


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