Cipolletti will not be able to claim him to the regular phase of the Federal A that has not given him opportunities to gain a greater role in the table, but Albinegro failed again at home and ended up drawing against an eliminated Truckers 1 to 1 for the 27th date of the South zone.

Without victories in the last 4 games, his fall in the ranking has not been resounding, but something will have to change in the final stretch because the playoffs qualification is a little closer, but not at all assured and now he will have to perspire to also get into the Argentina Cup.

Despite the lack of rhythm in the first minutes, the homeowner took the lead through his striker Juan Pablo Zárate who solved everything by taking a free kick at 25.


The celebration of Cipo for the partial 1 to 0. Then came the tie. (Photo Anahí Cárdena)

Facing a rival plagued by youth and lacking in ideas that in no way foreshadowed a complicated afternoon, beyond the high temperature in October that affected them all equally.

However, an avoidable infraction by Leandro Wagner on Juan Ferreira gave the visitor a chance shortly after half-time. With an inverted profile, Axel Mussarella took over the execution from the right and rained the center to the penalty spot. Nobody chased Gonzalo Vivanco and Facundo Crespo was far from 9 Albiverde who with a jump to the race beat them all and sent the ball to the back of the net at 43.

-> A change of attitude

In the locker room, Raggio raised his voice and his team sought to take Truckers ahead. The energy lasted little more than a quarter of an hour and the Buenos Aires people began to cut the process before each fall due to infraction and ball out.

Desperation prompted changes. Cristian Taborda, Lucas Calderón and later Diego Aguirre entered, but luck seemed cast for Cipo and just a couple of shots motivated Marcos Jara’s interventions. The clearest at 31, with a warped shot from Trecco that the 1 rival ended up deflecting the ball with just enough.

On the other side, Crespo also had to wallow twice, which would have further complicated this present, not so positive for a Cipo that leaves the feeling of reaching the end lacking in strength, but the most worrying thing without offensive ideas to seal the minimal goals and then yes start thinking about more ambitious things. Over the weekend he will have to travel to Mendoza to face Hurricane Las Heras, but with Sol de Mayo setting the pace for the second platoon.


Cipolletti 1

Facundo Crespo placeholder image

Matías Carrera

Elvis hernandez

Manuel Berra

Leandro Wagner

Boris Magnago

Brian Meza

Lucas Mellado

Maxi Lopez

Nicolas Trecco

Juan Pablo Zarate

DT: Gustavo Raggio

Truckers 1

Marcos Jara

Juan Ferreira

Cristian Belucci

Federico Sanchez

Martin Vazquez

Agustin Briones

Joaquín Pettino

Axel Mussarella

Facundo Moyano

Ezequiel Morales

Gonzalo vivanco

DT: Livio Prieto

Goals: PT 25 ‘Zárate, 43’ Vivanco (Cam).

Changes: start ST Alan Olinick for Briones (Cam), 11 ‘Lucas Calderón for Magnago (C), Cristian Taborda for López (C), 13’ Juan Tolosa for Vázquez (Cam), 25 ‘Federico Cataldi for Moyano (Cam) and Matías González by Morales (Cam), 26 ‘Diego Aguirre by Trecco (C) and Rodrigo Monserrat by Mussarella (Cam).

Referee: Bruno Bocca, Bahía Blanca.

Stadium: The Visor, Cipolletti.

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