In the Parisian demonstration, the executives also mobilize against the pension reform

One might think that executives, having started working later than other employees, are not affected by the two-year increase in the retirement age. Mobilized in the Parisian demonstration of January 19, they explain why the reform concerns them too.

Framework and in a long career, it is possible. Joël Maltat, 56, manager “in a big international bottling box” whom he prefers not to name, thought of retiring at 60 years and six months because he validated five quarters before his 20th birthday. “including four military service”, he specifies. Mobilized on January 19 in Paris under the banner of the CFE-CGC, he patiently waited on the Place de la République for the procession to set off. “With the reform, I take it for a year and a half longer, and will leave at 61 years and 9 months. This reform makes no sense, unlike the previous one, with points, whose philosophy was to open the same rights to equivalent contributions.At his side, a colleague. Sylvie Planchon, 53, worked four terms before she turned 20, is not entitled to the long career scheme. She would leave at 64 instead of 62.


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