In the middle of Regensburg – the winter world of Thurn and Taxis – Bavaria

It really isn’t easy for Gloria von Thurn und Taxis. “The very existence of the Princely House is threatened,” she complained in the summer. That had to do with climate change, which brings storms and pests that depress the price of wood and thus the wallet of the Thurn und Taxis company, probably the largest forest owner in the republic, with an estimated fortune: more than one billion euros. Incidentally, only “total nuts” believe that humans are to blame for climate change, as the self-proclaimed princess says. But that on the side, it should not be about climate change, but about existential problems: the problems of large forest owners. “Above all, large forest owners” must “give the state a hand”, demanded Gloria von Thurn und Taxis Straubinger Tagblatt.

As I said, that was in summer. Gloria von Thurn und Taxis had to cancel her castle festival because of Corona. And that, although only total nuts believe in Corona. Xavier Naidoo, who was supposed to appear at the festival, sees it similarly. But even that only marginally, because now it is no longer summer, but winter, and everything is even worse because now the Christmas market in Regensburg Castle is also on the brink. You have to emphasize the word “Christmas market” because this newspaper erroneously mentioned the “winter market”. At that time, the organizer speculated about a conscious “deletion of the terms of Christian festivals” by the godless SZ. It is “absurd” to locate such a ‘winter market’ in the Christian house of Thurn und Taxis “.

So now the same organizer is considering how the market in the Christian castle could still take place. He is toying with the idea of ​​postponing the market to around February. Then Christmas is over, but maybe also the lockdown. The stand operators would like to see the plan work out. Of course also to the Christian house of Thurn and Taxis. But is that possible, a Christmas market in February? Yes, says the organizer of the Mittelbayerische Zeitung. Instead of the “Romantic Christmas Market” he could “very well imagine a ‘Romantic Winter Market'”.