In the Linz of Italy

In the Linz of Italy

Linz has recently applied to be the “Trieste of Upper Austria”.

Not everything that is compared has to lag. Linz, for example, has recently applied as the sure-footed Trieste of Upper Austria. Because under the title “Trieste – the Linz of Italy”, the inclined reader of the city website learns that both cities are not only inhabited by roughly the same number of people, but also otherwise have “many similarities and a port of the extra class”.

“Many only know the Italian port city from the motorway signs,” we read there, which probably also applies to the steel city, although travelers have to get quite lost at the Steinhäusl junction in order to land in Linz, “if they leave their sea domicile on the Head for the Adriatic”.

Be that as it may, such comparative town twinning can be woven across Europe, even across the Atlantic. “Washington, the St. Pölten am Potomac”, for example, has been attracting its visitors for more than 200 years with the prospect of encountering an above-average number of people who are only here because an artificial seat of government was created here. As is well known, Amstetten is “the Murcia of the Mostviertel”, Leoben the “Charleroi of the Mur-Mürz-Furche”. And Vienna? Oh, you really can’t compare Vienna with anything. If you don’t believe that, you can only be from Linz – so to speak, from Trieste.

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