“In the Casa it was hard. Katia Ricciarelli disappointed me”

The former gieffina Patrizia Pellegrino talks to the microphones of Comingsoon.it.

We interviewed Patrizia Pellegrino, former competitor of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. With a long and brilliant career behind her, ranging from cinema to theater to television, Patrizia decides to participate in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini to get back into the game and be known by everyone, young and old. In the House, in fact, he opens his heart by telling of the great sufferings and difficulties he faced in the course of his life. With her sweetness and spontaneity, then, she manages in a very short time to win the hearts of many people, who continue to follow her and support her even on social networks. And it is precisely on social networks that Patrizia carries on her battles and always shares her thoughts with education and respect. A respect that, however, has not found in some competitors of the program such as Katia Ricciarelli.

Patrizia she told us about Comingsoon.it: from his brief but intense experience to Big Brother Vip until his next work projects.

Your experience in the Big Brother Vip House was short, but intense. Do you have any regrets?

It was a beautiful, hard experience. Confronting with so many people was not easy. In some moments I felt very lonely. Fortunately, I shared my time with Miriana, whom I consider a splendid woman. She, Lulu, Jessica and Manila were all nice to me. Now that I’m out I see things I didn’t see before, but it was definitely a good experience. I have no regrets. Maybe if I had entered with a less tense leg towards Alex and Soleil I would have been able to stay longer. Whoever arrives last, it is normal that he has little chance to continue. I think I made myself best known for who I am. A woman who struggles, but always with a smile on her face.

Is there any competitor you have changed your mind about once you leave the House?

Think again no. I have always had a wonderful relationship with Carmen. I find her a wonderful woman. Manila maybe I’m trying to understand it better now. The attack he made on Nathaly, after the vote, I found out of place. Apart from this, however, I must say that I am happy that Nathaly has won the televoting, that her frankness has been rewarded. It was a bit of my personal revenge. I was hoping it was the favorite. In the end, truth and moral honesty won.

Although you have been eliminated you continue to constantly follow the dynamics of the game. Just on social media you reiterated your position towards Katia Ricciarelli …

In recent weeks I have not liked Katia. She is a woman who should give the best of good education, she should be welcoming and instead she was not towards Manuel, Nathaly and Lulù. I’m not really enjoying his behavior, he said some very serious things. In the House he carried out psychological violence, which hurt the sensitivity of fragile and defenseless people who, as a result, reacted badly. It disappointed me. I myself did everything to please Katia, but only when she learned about my story did she look me in the eye for the first time. But why does one have to be a victim to be accepted by Katia Ricciarelli? She should love and welcome everyone, even those who do not know. There should be no foreclosures, then if a person harms you, you behave accordingly. At the beginning, however, we are all the same, there must be no set patterns.

Even Lulù Selassié was harshly criticized for his ways and the words he addressed to Katia Ricciarelli …

I believe that Lulu was wrong, I too scolded her many times and I would be ready to do it again. But she did it because she felt offended. They hit her sweet spot because she was bullied and discriminated against as a child. I have told her many times that she must calm down, otherwise she risks passing off a negative image of her person. I hope she gets there, but I see her improved. It is normal for a 20 year old girl to get angry, what is not good is to keep making mistakes. I hope that from now on, she learns to behave better. Both Lulu and her sisters are very good people, educated and good.

Do you think that Soleil Sorge’s proximity to Katia Ricciarelli influenced the outcome of the last televoting?

I think Soleil’s proximity to Katia has penalized her. It is as if people wanted to punish her, otherwise it cannot be explained. It has always been a favorite. I was amazed too. In my opinion, the game will change from today, the dynamics of the game have been upset. Then on Friday also Delia Duran will enter, we will see some good ones with her and Soleil.

Future projects?

In March I will be at the Manzoni theater with Sexy & Indecise. An all-female comedy, with me there will be Milena Miconi, Matilde Brandi and a very famous young Italian influencer. We still can’t reveal his name. It will be fun. A great show written by Mauro Graiani directed by Luca Pizzurro, a new comedy that takes up the spirit of Sex and The City.

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