In Spain they described Pumas as unprofessional; Why? Halftime

After Barcelona’s rout of Pumas, criticism has come from all sectors, from fans to former directors. One of these voices is Xavi Martin, former General Manager of La Masiawho launched harsh questions against several Pumas players for their attitude.

“I think what happened to Pumas yesterday was stage fright. Sometimes when a team arrives at a field like the Camp Nou or the Bernabéu, the players have come out, they see it so big, with a shirt on the front like Barça’s or the Real Madrid, I think they have this so-called stage fright. The first few minutes of the match, Pumas hadn’t taken the field yet, and Barça had already scored two goals”, Martín told AS México.

The manager, who was director of communication in the stages of Pep Guardiola and Gerardo Martino in the Barcelona He assured that he never saw any European team ask the rival coach for photos, as the cats did with Xavi.

“If you get to play against a team and you think that those in front of you are like your idols, that conditions you, you do not present yourself as an equal. You’re looking at them as if they were album cards. Then, you can’t go out on the field thinking like that or asking for the shirt in the middle of the half, the shirt is asked for at the end or take photos with the opposing coach at the end of the match, I don’t think either. A club like Pumas, with a history, of first international level, no”.

The brand must be taken care of

Martín analyzed the game and assured that the Barcelona went out to compete as if it were a game of LaLigawhile Pumas thought that it was only a friendly game and for this reason they paid dearly not to try to fight as if it were an official duel.

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“It seemed a little strange to me that some players went to take photos with Xavi Hernández at the end of the game, it shows a little this, that they went out on the field thinking they were facing idols. So that’s how it conditions you, makes you smaller if you don’t treat the one in front of you face to face, that can probably affect your performance. And it can’t be you have to go out and play one-on-one, and then if you lose, well, you lose it“, external.

“And to take care of the image of the brand. Honestly, I haven’t seen a European club come and take photos with the opposing coach.I honestly have never seen it.”



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