In Season 3, Paxton faces fierce competition

Die Coming-of-Age-Serie “never in my life” about Indian-American teen Devi became an instant Netflix hit. The start date for season 3 is already set – and Netflix has one too first trailer released!

Never Have I Ever is definitely one of our favorite feel good shows. Ever since Season 2 came out last summer, Netflix fans have been eagerly awaiting a replenishment of Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Paxton (Darren Barnet). It’s finally moving on this summer – and Netflix already has a trailer for the third season releast.

The trailer reveals: After we had to cheer for two seasons, Devi finally made it at the beginning of the third: Paxton and they are a couple! In love, the two walk through the school corridor and attract everyone’s attention. However, no one at school can believe that Devi has landed hot high school crush Paxton. Devi is popular for the first time and hated by many girls at the same time. That makes the teenager really difficult. Also first tensions there is between the newly minted couple. One can only hope that Devi will hold back with her penchant for drama this time. Because there would also be the very pretty one indian newbie at high school, which makes Paxton a real competitor!

The third season starts on August 12th, as the series makers announced at the weekend. So we can get ready for a romantic rollercoaster ride of emotions in summer!



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