In Russia, cars return to the Stone Age

Now that Russia has to face numerous embargo measures and other international sanctions, the country is forced to adapt. Too bad for the safety of cars and their pollution…

Since Vladimir Putin decided to drag his country into a war against Ukraine, the international community has stepped up sanctions against Russia. Measures which complicate in particular the supply of certain components normally used in the manufacture of cars.

But to deal with these supply difficulties, its manufacturers decided to go for the simplest. At Lada, for example, the Granta sedan now exists in a new “Classic” version without safety equipment such as passenger airbag or ABS. It also has no air conditioning and its small 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine has nothing to do with modern blocks: it meets pollution standards similar to those imposed in Europe in 1996.

Components made in Russia

The idea is obviously to manufacture a car whose parts come from Russia or its allied countries, the only way to face international sanctions. It’s also an opportunity to get a bargain: the car costs the equivalent of €12,446. Finally, it’s still almost the price of a Dacia Logan with much better equipment and technology…

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