The Providence district, in Quimper, never ceases to sprout up with projects. An atypical 350 m2 restaurant will open its doors halfway between Cinéville and rue Kéréon. The brasserie will occupy the ground floor of the recently renovated Providence chapel space.

“The interior work begins on Monday! And the opening is scheduled for early March, ”announces enthusiastic Gildas Peton of the design agency Édifix, based in Brest. The catering area, with a ceiling height of 5.50 m, will be divided into three rooms. The establishment will be able to serve 114 seats inside and 88 on the terrace. “In Quimper, there aren’t many large establishments like this one. Our project will complete the current offer, ”says the designer.

Customers will see the plants grow

Her name ? It will be L’Officine! “The brasserie will mix an atmosphere of an apothecary’s office and herbalist’s office, all revisited in a contemporary spirit”, describes the designer. The entire restaurant will be faithful to this concept: choice of crockery, staff dress code, furniture. “At Édifix, we develop turnkey concepts that we develop from A to Z”. Inside, and therefore visible to customers, will be elegantly arranged hydroponic planters. Hydroponics? An above-ground culture: plants grow directly in an aquatic environment. “Mint, basil, chives, savory, the aromatic plants used to prepare the dishes will be cultivated in the restaurant! “. These installations will also help to reinforce the vegetal atmosphere desired by the designer.

The ceiling height of 5.50 m will give character to the three rooms of the L’Officine restaurant. (Edifix agency sketch)

The recruitment of 20 employees is underway

What will we find on the plates? “Guests will be able to enjoy revisited French cuisine. It won’t be molecular cuisine either, but there will be nods like this! », Confides maliciously Gildas Peton. Lunch packages should start at € 17. A space will also be dedicated to take-away sales.

The project leader, Philippe Dehaudt, from South Finistère, has already started recruiting staff. In total, around twenty positions are to be filled. “It is a return to the country for him who has already managed several restaurants”, slips Gildas Peton.


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