In Pitalito, a man was captured for the crime of extortion

In Pitalito, a man was captured for the crime of extortion

The Gaula Huila captured a man in the municipality of Pitalito for the crime of extortion. The alleged extortionist deceived his brother who was with him at the time of his capture, for which the latter was released.

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In the municipality of Pitalito, in the south of the department, the authorities captured a man who had been extorting a peasant since 2021. However, at the moment he was receiving extortion money, he was captured.

“A farmer from Pitalito went to the Gaula Huila to denounce an extortion of which he had been a victim since 2021, to date the farmer had already delivered $33 million pesos to the extortionist, this time the alleged criminal demanded $10 million pesos more to the victim for what he was caught in flagrante,” indicates the report of the authorities.

“The subject was accompanied to receive the extortion money with his brother, who apparently did not know what this payment was about and would have been deceived, for which he was released,” complements the police statement.

The farmer apparently received several threats and intimidating messages from the alleged extortionist, in addition to having been constrained with a firearm to pay large sums of money. At the request of a prosecutor’s office, a judge sheltered the alleged extortionist in a prison with an insurance measure.

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