In New York visit 10 new attractions in 2021

The city of New York It is one of those destinations that cannot be visited just once. Regardless of whether you already know it, it is frequently full of new experiences that attract Travellers international East 2021 is no exception, although the Big Apple is just beginning to regain its frenetic pace.

We leave you a list with 10 of its most recent tourist attractions, or that are about to open.

Since May 19, most occupancy restrictions on restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues have been significantly lifted or lowered. In fact, people who have already been vaccinated are not required to wear a mask (unless a certain establishment requires it). However, if you are planning to visit the city soon, check the updated security measures in detail.

1. A new viewpoint

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The One Vanderbilt skyscraper, which opened less than a year ago in Midtown Manhattan and reaches 427 meters high, will debut a viewpoint called Summit in October 2021.

It will be a space distributed over four floors, which will have a glass elevator that will travel outside the building and an experience called Levitation: totally transparent “boxes” that protrude from the structure and make you feel as if you are floating above the city. There will also be food options, an open-air bar, a sky garden, and an immersive art installation that will involve high-tech.

It will be easy to visit the viewpoint, as the skyscraper is directly connected to the famous train station. Grand Central.

2. The Friends Experience

new_york_friends.jpgPhoto: Courtesy

In the Big Apple, a true paradise for Friends fans opened its doors, because for a little while they can feel like the protagonist of one of the most emblematic series that has ever existed. In this two-story space, located in Manhattan, you can take photos on the orange sofa, visit Monica’s apartment, try on costumes (like Chandler’s rabbit costume) and visit the Las Vegas chapel where Ross and Rachel were married.

As if that were not enough, The Friends Experience has a version of Central Perk that does function as a real coffee shop and is open to the public. We leave you the official store website, in case you want to buy something while the time comes when you can travel.

3. Premiere roller coaster

Coney Island is a classic summer destination in the city of New York, thanks to its theme park that emerged at the beginning of the last century. In this place, attractions such as the Wonder Wheel shine, a Ferris wheel built in 1920.

In 2021, a new roller coaster will begin to operate in the park, called Phoenix. It will have a height of 21 meters.

4. Expo Kusama: Cosmic Nature

nueva_york_yayoi_kusama.jpgFoto: NYC & Company

In the Botanical Garden of New York, from April to October 31, 2021 A new exhibition is available dedicated to the contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama and her relationship with nature. Various works are exhibited in the open air, among the vegetation, to give it a new meaning.

The most exciting thing is that two sculptures make their debut at this expo: Dancing Pumpkin and Fly to the Universe, both created in 2020.

As if that weren’t enough, one of Kusama’s famous infinity rooms was installed. This time it is a glass cube that reflects the gardens, and the experience is influenced by natural light.

5. The Harry Potter shop

new_york_harry_potter.jpgFoto: NYC & Company

The first official flagship store of Harry Potter just opened its doors in the Flatiron District in Manhattan. The store has the largest selection of Wizard Boy and Fantastic Beasts merchandise under one roof.

For starters, the three-story store is filled with sets and memorabilia worth taking dozens of photos, like a Fawkes sculpture that weighs almost 100 kilos. You can buy custom clothing, toys, collectibles, candy, and books, just to name a few.

The store has attractions that deserve a separate mention. Among these is the wand shop and bar (there’s butterbeer ice cream!).

6. Marsha P. Johnson Park

new_york_marsha_p_johnson.jpgFoto: NY State Parks

In Brooklyn, East River State Park is undergoing a major renovation that will finish this summer and, under the new name of Marsha P. Johnson, it will be the first park of New York in honoring an African American transgender woman.

Born in 1945, Johnson was an activist who fought for the civil rights of the LGBTQ community and treatment for HIV / AIDS. He was a leader in the historic Stonewall Revolt and in this city he founded a shelter for young people from the LGBTQ community who were rejected by their families. The circumstances of his death in 1992 remain unresolved.

The park will have various art installations that will refer to the life and work of Johnson.

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7. Little Island

nueva_york_little_island.jpgPhoto: Courtesy

It is a new floating park located in Manhattan, created as an artificial island. It was built on the remains of Pier 54, the historic pier where survivors of the Titanic disembarked.

It is a perfect public space to take photos, walk, participate in a workshop for families and eat outdoors (whatever you bring for your picnic or buy there). It has an amphitheater overlooking the Hudson River, where most of the events will be free.

Between 1910 and 1935, Pier 54 was the point of departure and return for the ocean liners of the shipping company Cunard-White Star Line. It fell into disuse in the early eighties and became a meeting point for the LGBTQ community; however, after Hurricane Sandy (in 2012) it was severely damaged.

8. New luxury hotel

new_york_2021_2.jpgPhoto: Courtesy

In the Crown Building, a famous edifice of New York Dating back to 1921, a new luxury accommodation from the Aman chain will be housed. It will have 83 rooms, several restaurants, a terrace overlooking Central Park, a three-story spa and an underground jazz club.

9. Design hotel

new_york_2021_1.jpgFoto: NYC & Company

He has just inaugurated an irresistible accommodation in design, which deserves a stay (even if it is short). It is the Graduate Hotel, located on the Cornell Tech campus, on Roosevelt Island (between the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens). It belongs to a hotel chain established in various campuses and university towns in the United States, characterized by a young and original atmosphere.

The accommodation is full of corners that are craving for taking photos, such as the lobby, where there is a sculpture of almost four meters inspired by a work by the artist Hebru Brantley. It also has a large library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

10. Expo renewed

new_york_2021.jpgFoto: NYC & Company

At the American Museum of Natural History, after a four-year renovation, the Allison and Roberto Mignone Rooms of Gems and Minerals reopen to the public. This gallery houses approximately five thousand pieces from 95 countries. Among them are two amethyst geodes that are among the largest on display in the world.

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