Bus driver in Upper Austria changed the neon sign on the vehicle. Instead of the destination it said: “Vaccination is murder”. Verkehrsverbund responded and dismissed the man without notice.

2.47 p.m., November 24, 2021


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Bus driver dismissed without notice after anti-vaccination embassy © F16-ISO100 – stock.adobe.com

A bus driver who picked up a bus in Linz on Friday evening Upper Austrian Transport Association (OÖVV) with the neon sign “Vaccination is murder” has now been investigated and dismissed without notice. Thanks to several witness statements at the time and pictures on which the license plate of the vehicle could be seen, the man could be clearly identified, reported the OÖVV in a press release.

The driver was for the company Dr.- Richard active that separated from him. Both transport companies had each other right after the images appeared distanced from the message. The picture of the bus has been circulating on social media since Saturday. Where the line number and destination are normally to be read, “Vaccination is murder” was emblazoned in neon letters. The writing could only have been changed by the driver during a break or after work, it said at the OÖVV. Experts confirmed the authenticity of the picture. The free newspaper “Heute” (Wednesday edition) spoke to the 17-year-old who took the photo with her cell phone.

“Instrumentalizing public transport”

The OÖVV was happy that the matter had been resolved. “We
accept and respect every private opinion and attitude. However, as soon as public transport of the Upper Austrian Transport Association is used to disseminate private opinions and views, we of course have to act and initiate appropriate measures together with the responsible transport company, “said Managing Director Herbert Kubasta.

“Nonetheless, we very much regret that the very tense corona situation Induced people to act like this and, in a specific case, resulted in a driver not being able to drive OÖVV buses in the future, “he added.

Nursing home employees at a demonstration against compulsory vaccination

Also the SZL Seniorenzentren Linz GmbH reached for a questionable appearance by three employees at one Corona-Demo by: Those affected appeared at the weekend in Vienna with a banner saying “Senior Centers Linz say no to mandatory vaccinations”. The employer had distanced himself and announced legal consequences. The slogan “in a damaging way” takes over the company, “in no way reflects the company’s point of view” and counteracts its efforts to ensure a high vaccination rate to protect residents, justified the vice-mayor and SZL supervisory board chief Karin Hörzing (SPÖ) the consequences under service law.

The Linz City Councilor for Health Raml sees things differently: “Dismissing nursing staff is the wrong way out of the social crisis. Banning demonstrators from their workplaces is morally and legally unjustifiable,” he criticized. He would have considered a warning to be sufficient and advised those affected via press release “to consult their works council and to fight the layoffs or dismissals legally”. In any case, there are few nursing staff that should not be “offended”.

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