In Montpellier, this sandwich shop will give you the real good taste of ham and butter

With or without pickles? The question is displayed in front of the entrance to JB & CO. Behind these initials, this new sandwich shop in Montpellier wants to give back its letters of nobility to ham and butter! “A simple product but which is today denatured”, slices Emmanuel Meunier. It was during his lunch breaks in the city center that his idea emerged: “I often eat on the go and I realized that it was difficult to find good quality sandwiches. Most are made with products in trays… ”

From Brussels, his architect brother shares the same observation. Enough to decide them, despite the health crisis, to launch their concept: “We chose to make only one product but in a truly qualitative way”, they explain.

Soon the ingredients will also be on the go

Sold between 4 and 5 euros, their ham and butter is available in traditional Aveyron, on the bone, with herbs, without nitrite … All enhanced with sweet butter from Isigny or half-salt from Normandy, on classic bread or sourdough (from a local artisan). “Many customers tell us that they are rediscovering the taste of this sandwich before, there is a little side of Proust Madeleine”, assure the owners.

JB & CO is however betting more on the future than on nostalgia: “We will soon be offering our ingredients to take away separately, for those who want to make their sandwiches at home. “The establishment also hopes to franchise its concept later in other cities:” There are no real specialists in ham and butter. However, there is potential: it is the best-selling sandwich in the country! “

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