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In Mexico there is the first death by vaping

San Luis Pootsí /

Health Authorities of San Luis Potosi reported that in Mexico the first death was recorded by the use of electronic cigarettes; This is an 18-year-old who died on October 29 in the state.

State Health Services reported that the patient was admitted to Central Hospital on October 14 with an atypical pneumonia, so studies were conducted to investigate whether it was due to a cardiac, pulmonary or infectious cause; he was even tested for influenza, HIV and other communicable diseases.

"Last night we were notified by the Directorate of Epidemiology (of the Federal Ministry of Health) that this is a confirmed case of death from atypical pneumonia, a serious pneumonia associated with the consumption of electronic cigarettes," said Miguel Angel Lutzow Steiner, director of Public Health of San Luis Potosí.

The Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological warning on September 25 and confirmed that the use of these products cause atypical pneumonia.

Given this, the State Commission against Health Risks implemented operations for the assurance of these products harmful to health and since the issuance of the alert, 800 units have been confiscated.

Carlos Alberto Aguilar Acosta, head of the CoeprisHe said that its sale and distribution are prohibited, "we have recent data where it shows the damage that this type of utensils can cause, both the electronic cigarette and spare parts," he added.


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