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The country’s General Directorate of Taxes has been the victim of a leak of documents concerning more than 312,000 taxpayers, initiated by Russian hackers close to the Kremlin. However, the two states have been in the midst of a diplomatic rapprochement for several months.

The ransom demand went almost unnoticed. On the site of hackers from the Lockbit 2.0 group, one of the world’s most active cyber-extortion franchises, the red banner ad is wedged between that of the hack of a British biotechnology company specializing in pig semen and that of an Indonesian national oil company. The countdown ticks with the same threatening message: “Five days and twelve hours before the release of the documents.” This time, it is not a small company that these pirates reputed to be close to Moscow are extorting, but the General Directorate of Taxes of an allied government, that of Mali.

The count is not complete, this June 17, that cybercriminals are carrying out their threat by publishing the thousands of documents stolen from the Malian tax authorities. However, the government still had five days to pay the ransom, the amount of which remained secret. It sometimes amounts to several tens of thousands of euros. Perhaps no agreement between the hackers and the victim was reached, or the communication could never be established. In any case, there are more than 276 files, sometimes containing dozens of documents, some sensitive, which end up on the dark web.

Property income of 8,227 taxpayers

Release was able to consult the content of the loot. It reveals the list of positions of the General Directorate of Taxes of Mali, its organization chart, the formulation of operational objectives, internal notes, accounts…

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