In London, a metro line closes because too many staff are in contact

Part of the traffic was interrupted at midday, after several members of the teams in the control room received an alert from the health services.

CORONAVIRUS – London transport was disrupted this Saturday, July 17, not because of an incident on the lines, but for lack of staff, forced to self-isolate after receiving a Covid alert from the health services.

Part of the Piccadilly Line, which runs through London, closed midday, as did a section of the District Line, UK media reported.

The reason? A “staff shortage” after a series of notifications sent to the teams in the control room, identified as a contact case and notified via the “Test and Trace” application, the English equivalent of TousAntiCovid.

Apologizing, London transport operations chief Richard Jones assured that service would resume normally around 9 p.m.

50,000 cases in 24 hours in the United Kingdom

This incident comes at the height of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom. The country recorded 50,000 daily cases Friday July 16, unheard of since January. This Saturday, the British Minister of Health Sajid Javid himself tested positive.

This increase in cases is unsurprisingly leading to an increase in the number of contact cases: no less than 530,000 isolation notifications were sent during the first week of July, a 46% increase from the previous week, reports The Independant, who does not hesitate to speak of “pingdemic” – a pandemic of notifications.

Despite these figures, the British government has maintained the last stage of deconfinement until July 19. The authorities justify this next major step by the success of a vaccination campaign launched in December, which has enabled more than two-thirds of adults to be fully vaccinated and has “weakened” the link between illness, hospitalizations and death, allowing the public health system to cope.

From mid-August, the vaccinated will also no longer be considered as a contact case, a measure which should make it possible to avoid situations such as the one experienced by the metro on Saturday.

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