In limbo

In limbo

In transition from one regime to another or more of the same, with urgency that this election will be the last, since the polls, to fix the situation of generalized violence, unemployment and abandonment of state authorities to insecurity that has led us to a reality of fear, as in limbo waiting for the people to redeem the politicians, on their own, however we see the state detained in a cross death, without an assembly with an executive overwhelmed with responsibilities, without the ability to control crime from the bases in the detention centers, while the judiciary is in dispute with the court of justice and the citizen participation council with oversight of the constitutional court. How are you!

Everyone eager to increase power for what? without uniting efforts in the face of the seriousness of misdeeds that move the nation, shows us that any change for the good of Ecuador will only come from the people in peace as its essence, through the expression in the October elections, which will be the ones that motivate a clear leadership and with objectives of national reunification, in the face of the threat of hit men. The force of the voting message will remove the political entities from their party structures, taking into account that the daydreams of believing that the person per se is the indispensable one, even if it is the president, without responding to an ideological coherence that identifies them , sooner or later ends with popular rejection, as in first round results punishing tourists from parties in extinction.

Be careful that the voter, even individually, tends to favor the finalists, who must be consistent with their postulates at the service of the majority, who seem to show no interest in public acts, according to classic analysis, denied, with attention of the debate to which more people agreed than to the inauguration of the soccer world cup, in which Ecuador was involved. Above all, young people. It will not be a reissue of what happened to some intellectuals after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which they expressed with anguish. “When I knew the answers, they changed the questions.” (EITHER)

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