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IN LA ROMANA – Police wounded in assault on young athlete shot in the face

Police officers wounded a man who was persecuted for allegedly linked to the assault on the young sportsman Felix Daniel Cordero, who lost sight of one eye when he was shot in La Romana.

Deivy Antonio de Jesús, who is nicknamed "Bebo", was wounded in the buttock, by police officers who arrested him near his residence in the Aviation sector.

The agents carried out the operation at night, however, the relatives of ´Bebo´, including his sentimental partner, said that at the time the athlete was docked, he was in his residence affected by a toothache.

They added that "Bebo" was injured while being under the control of the police authorities, in addition to the fact that one of the assailants with short hair is observed in the video and his relative has braids.

Deivy Antonio de Jesús himself, at a time when Dr. Arístides Fiallo Cabral de La Romana left the hospital, denied his participation in the event.

Family members hope that Felix Daniel Cordero, who is bandaged on his face, can recover from the wound and recover his vision, since he is a consecrated athlete.



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