In Jalisco, a surprising video shows an alleged miracle during mass

In Jalisco, a surprising video shows a supposed miracle during mass. Photo: Cuartoscuro

A Mass in Jalisco has given much to talk about after will go viral a video where appreciate and supposed miracle when, in the high altar, was exposed the holiest and the guests Begin to beat as if it were a healthy heart.

How was the alleged miracle in Jalisco?

According to the version of parish priest Carlos Spahn, the guests started to submit moves that resembled the beating of a heart, a fact that surprised the parishioners who gathered at mass in the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, Zapotlanejo, Jalisco.

“We had the mass, the conference and we exposed the Blessed Sacrament and this happened. We opened, let’s say the curtains, because the tabernacle was covered with curtains, we opened it and this happened… You see how the host inflates like a heart, you see how it has the heartbeat at the perfect rhythm of a human being”,

Carlos Spahn, parish priest.

In the video shared on the Twitter account of the Father William Serra you can hear the priest Carlos Spahn affirm that the supposed miracle that certificate tens of Catholics was analyzed by a doctor.

“A doctor analyzed it, he looked at its movement and says that it is a perfect heart, with the exact movement”

Carlos Spahn, parish priest.

The other miraculous heartbeat

To say of the priest Carlos Spahnthe miracle that can be seen in the video with the exhibition of holiestwas not the only one who registered in that timebecause at the time of communea woman he referred to feel beats in its boca coming from the guests.

“In that mass a lady who became very strong, took communion and the host beat inside her mouth, that happened and she was very surprised and then this happened as something objective that shows, indeed, that this is so. He passed to her in her mouth and passed out,”

Carlos Spahn, parish priest.

Furthermore, according to the priest, after the supposed miracle perceived in the recording, “very nice things” have happened to them

“Very nice things have happened to us in these days missionary, very nice conversions, etc.”,

Carlos Spahn, parish priest.

After the publication of images that realize the supposed miracle, Netizens reacted with countless comments.

“I have felt things that only come from God”, “It is a miracle, because God is only love”, “I think it is a manifestation of love only”, “Blessed are those who believe without having seen”are part of the positive messages that can be read in the publication.

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