In India, the French glassmaker SGD Pharma changes scale

In India, the French glassmaker SGD Pharma changes scale

Established in the province of Telangana (India), the French SGD Pharma, specialist in pharmaceutical glass packaging, is gaining momentum. Its factory, acquired in 2015, should more than triple its tubular glass production capacity by 2025. On February 27, the manufacturer also announced plans for a new factory in partnership with Corning. It will be operational in early 2025.

The French glassmaker SGD Pharma, manufacturer of primary health packaging, and the American Corning, another glass specialist, announced on Thursday 27 February a joint investment of 60 million euros in the region of Telangana, the “glass valley ” local. This amount will be used to build a new factory located near the one already owned by the French in Mahabubnagar.


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