In Ílhavo there is a long one-story house that overlooks itself — and the vegetable garden | Architecture

Located in Ílhavo, in the city of Aveiro, a house that stretches along Rua das Cancelas and that stands out from the others because of the “materials used” and the “urban design”, explains the architect Ricardo Senos to P3. The house, built with few catalog coverings and with materials with natural properties, was a challenge for the architects of the M2.senos studio.

Built on a plot of “almost 50 meters” and not very deep (10 meters), the house was developed to accommodate and have “a pleasant presence” on the street, explains the architect. The materials used, such as wood, concrete, marble and microcement, give this house an “organic atmosphere” and even a “nautical detail”. To mark a “geometric position on the street”, the entrance is through the middle of the house and two recreational spaces have also been created in this area: a training area and an office.

One of the big wishes of the owners was privacy. So the house, which has many windows, is planned in such a way that the glass is built in, creating a kind of “private patios”. To give even more intimacy, the wooden shutters are not fully retracted, leaving the wood in the space. The exterior is designed in a “naturalistic” way, with a vegetable garden, various trees and hedges. There are also draining floors on the outside which, according to the architect, are “100% ecological” and allow “water permeability”.

A “recipe”, developed by the architects Ricardo Senos and Sofia Senos, who built a house 36 meters long and 10 meters deep.

,Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro



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