in Hawaii, Maxime Huscenot has CT in sight

The accession equation is both simple and complicated for Huscenot. If he makes it to the semifinals in Haleiwa, which still forces him to clear three series, he will officially win his sesame for the CT 2023, without worrying about the others. Easier to write than to achieve, as the North Shore of Oahu, its powerful waves and its heightened competition, has been transformed into a graveyard for elite French hopefuls in recent years. But a lesser result could be enough depending on the performance of his opponents, knowing that he will only increase his points total (currently 16,050) once in the quarters, as only the best four results of each surfer are retained.

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Surf/CS: French sparks to Saquarema

Tessa Thyssen finalist, Joan Duru semi-finalist, Maxime Huscenot quarter-finalist and now 6th in the CS ranking, in a favorable position to access the CT 2023: the Corona Saquarema Pro, penultimate Challenger series of the season, ended in a very nice way for the French, this Monday, in Brazil

Maxime Huscenot.

Maxime Huscenot.


In total, they still have around forty to claim the seven remaining qualifying places, three of the 10 matches have already been confiscated by the Indonesian Rio Waida, the Italian Leo Fioravanti and the Australian Ryan Callinan, a trio guaranteed to be in the casting of the CT 2023 from the CS of Ericeira, at the beginning of October. In addition to Huscenot, the seven places in the lift are currently occupied by the Moroccan Ramzi Boukhiam (4th), Hawaiians Ian Gentil (5th) and Ezekiel Lau (9th), Australians Liam O’Brien (6th tied) and Dylan Moffat (10th) and the Brazilian Joao Chianca (8th).

Perfectly launched by his half during the first CS at Snapper Rocks followed by a 17th place at Manly, Huscenot then experienced a gap at Ballito (25th) and the US Open (49th), which excluded him from the provisional top 10 has. He established himself there again thanks to his 9th place at Ericeira and his quarter at Saquarema at the beginning of the month.

In Haleiwa, where he therefore has one last push to give, the Reunionese was mostly eliminated during his previous participation in the 1st round. But he also visited the quarters in 2017. It is this version of the Frenchman that will be needed this year to end in apotheosis a year marked by achievements and successes (WSL European champion, victories in the QS of the Azores and Caparica, final in Lacanau…). And this, from the 2nd round (he is exempt from the 1st), where he will be up against a direct competitor in the person of Dylan Moffat, the American Crosby Colapinto and a surfer from the 1st round.

Maxime Huscenot.

Maxime Huscenot.


Duru and Delahaye also have their chances

Three other Frenchmen are mathematically concerned about the race for qualification at Haleiwa. Almost unexpectedly revived by his half during the previous CS at Saquarema, Joan Duru (16th) will regain his place in the elite – of which he was a member from 2017 to 2019 – in the event of victory in the Hawaii event, where he will also compete in the second round. A final could do the trick, depending on the results of the other promotion contenders.

The line-up is identical to Gatien Delahaye (22nd), finalist at Ballito in July. The Guadeloupean will also be in the front row to judge the return to competition of John John Florence, seen more in a WSL Lycra since his left knee injury at G-Land in June, as he will share his 2nd round series with the Hawaiian. title holder. The mission would have been the same for Tim Bisso (30th), but the Guadeloupean did not make the trip to Hawaii, just like Jorgann Couzinet (43rd). Mihimana Braye (47th) has no choice but to win and is hoping for a flood of favorable results. Just recovering from a recent foot injury, Justin Bécret, Kauli Vaast and Michel Bourez are also in the game in Haleiwa, without the possibility of qualifying for the CT 2023.

Go hard

Go hard


Fierro needs to win… and hope

For girls, only the first five places allow them to join the elite. Three are already guaranteed to return to the Australians Macy Callaghan and Molly Picklum, for whom it will be a return, as well as the young American prodigy Caitlin Simmers, who has already qualified for the CT 2022, but who is giving up her sesame showed

Currently 4th in the standings, the Hawaiian Bettylou Sakura Johnson, failed this year during the mid-season “cut” (like Picklum) of the CT, will surely return to the elite if she reaches the final. The defending champion in Haleiwa will also be assured of her qualification if her two immediate pursuers, the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot (5th) or the American Alyssa Spencer (6th) do no better than 3rd. Australians Bronte Macaulay (7th) and Nikki Van Dijk (8th), who suffered concussions two weeks ago, are out.

The Australian Sophie McCulloch (9th), the South African Sarah Baum (12th) and the Japanese Amuro Tsuzuki (13th) are also looking at the top 5 qualifiers, but on the condition that they win the event and that Bonvalot and Spencer do not also add at the same time not. much at their ends nest egg. Vahine Fierro (9th) finds herself in the same situation, with a mandatory victory and a watchful eye on the results of the girls ahead of her. The other French woman involved, Maud Le Car, can no longer qualify for the CT.

Mrs. Fierro.

Mrs. Fierro.


The tables

The 1st round men (the first 2 qualified) :


The 2nd round men (the first 2 qualified) :


The 1st women’s round (the first 2 qualified) :


The 2nd round women (the first 2 qualified) :


The competition can be watched live on the WSL website. Saturday 26 November the call is set at 18:30, Paris time.




The CS men’s rankings


The CS women’s ranking


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