This Sunday, November 21, 2021, the show Points on i received Professor Christian Perronne. Ejected from television sets for reasons that escape us, the professor of infectious and tropical diseases received the invitation of journalist Ivan Rioufol ” to hear another bell sound. Besides, I wonder why we don’t hear you (Christian Perronne) anymore. Perhaps because you have expressed reservations about this health panic. We didn’t want to hear from you, we even sanctioned you. »

« In Great Britain the vaccinated die four times more than the unvaccinated. The vaccine does absolutely not protect serious forms, it is even the opposite that occurs, England shows the reverse, Israel shows the reverse. “ Christian Perronne

« If you look at the world map. In all the poor countries that could not afford the vaccine, the epidemic is over. All the countries where the epidemic continues to flare up and to have deaths there, it is the countries which vaccinate thoroughly. Look at the example of India which is the best example. In India, there are states that did not want the vaccine, they decided to give ivermectin, zinc, azithromycin, vitamin B… The epidemic is over! »

The Media in 4-4-2

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