In Germany there will soon be test operations under real conditions

The title sounds complicated: “Ordinance on the Regulation of the Operation of Motor Vehicles with Automated and Autonomous Driving Functions”. The content, on the other hand, is very simple. In Germany, the operation of robot cars that are on the road without a driver will be allowed in the future. Not just on test sites or in closed-off research facilities, but also on public roads. After the German Bundestag had already approved a draft regulation by the German Transport Minister Volker Wissing (52, FDP) at the beginning of the year, the Bundesrat, representing the federal states, gave the go-ahead.

Autonomous vehicles are driverless, use cameras, radar and laser sensors and digital maps from the cloud to find their way around and are set to revolutionize our road traffic: Fewer accidents, higher traffic density with the existing infrastructure, free time in the car instead of stress behind the wheel. Instead of the driver, the decisions are made by artificial intelligence, which learns better and better in advance and with every kilometer driven how to correctly assess the actions and reactions of road users. And then adapt to it.



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