In Gerês, Cabril displays traditions and, along the way, gives us nature | report

“For me, it was a theme park.” Paula Oliveira lived the “happiest moments” of her childhood “here”, in Cabril, her mother’s land, her maternal grandparents. She was born in Lisbon and was on vacation with her grandmother, who was also in the capital. “I always walked with my grandmother”, she says, “visited her friends with her, helped in the fields with her”. She made, she says with a laugh, “many scars, marks for life”. Even her father “alfacinha” (and “fadista, bohemian and gingão”) at a certain point was captivated by these parts of the Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG). The family moved to Cabril for a few years and he joined Trote Gerês – Cooperativa de Ocupação de Tempos Livres, founded in 1987, already focused on providing services as an alternative to mass tourism, in balance with the natural and cultural heritage. Decades later, with many turns in her life, Paula, 44, would return to Cabril and make the region’s natural and cultural heritage her way of life.



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