In fiscal year 2020, almost 16 million pesos were collected for the protection of the environment

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It is a fund established with contributions from economic and recreational activities that affect the environment. The greatest amount of resources were obtained thanks to fishing activity.

USHUAIA.- During the past year the province received almost 16 million pesos in contributions to the Fund for the Development of Natural Resources and Environments, created by Provincial Law No. 211, for the protection of the environment.

This fund, whose management and administration is in charge of the Ministry of Economy through a special account in the Bank of the Province, was created in 1994 with resources from permits, licenses, inspection rights and other fees, applicable to the activities economic and recreational activities that affect the environment.

Specifically, it is made up of the proceeds from the mining canon and the fees generated by the activity; awarding of licenses for sport and commercial hunting; sale of licenses for sport and commercial fishing and extraction of resources from the sea and coastal concessions; gauges, inspection rights and extraction permits for forest products; the use of groundwater and surface water; professional service fees and fines for transgression of environmental laws.

Also added to this fund is the proceeds from the issuance of Certificates of Origin on any natural resource originating in the Province and that produced by the sale of natural products and by-products, plants, seeds, stakes, maps, collections, publications, notices, guides, photographs, samples and sale or rental of cinematographic films, tickets to exhibitions and the like. In the same way, the sums that are assigned annually by the General Budget Law of the Province or in special laws (Law of Forests and Law of Fisheries) are destined to this fund.

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According to the 2020 Investment Account report published on the website of the provincial government, last year a total of 15,881,787.91 pesos entered the Provincial Treasury under Law No. 211, with aquatic resources being those that more money contributed to this fund, with 11,966,534.58 pesos.

Secondly, for mining resources, the fund totaled 1,603,464.73 pesos and, thirdly, for forest resources, contributions were received for 1,263,524.85 pesos.

Meanwhile, for fauna resources, 535,313.01 were collected; for certificates of origin 418,255.50 and for water resources, 94,725.24 pesos.

Destination of funds

The law establishes that said funds must be applied in the inventory of provincial natural resources and environments and in projects to determine the technical and economic feasibility of the use of natural resources and environments, including information, research and experimentation activities that must be carried out to contribute to giving more support to the decisions to be made.

Among other destinations, there are also the creation and maintenance of plants and pilot areas for technology development and demonstration of resource management techniques; technical and administrative equipment for the sector responsible for the administration of natural resources and environments; preparation of promotional material; training of technical and administrative personnel; infrastructure works that achieve greater efficiency in the provision of the sector’s own services; as well as research or extension programs or projects approved by Resolution of the Ministry of Economy.

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