In England the source of the Thames is completely dry

The English River, which runs for 350 kilometers, has dried up at its base, after a historically low winter and spring in terms of rainfall records.

Far from the impressive panoramas it still offers to tourists passing through London, the Thames has dried up at its source. The river, which crosses England for 350 kilometers, has been hit hard by the drying up of groundwater across the Channel. As reported by GuardianJuly 2022 is the driest July on record since 1935 in the country.

A source that retreats 8 kilometers

The Thames rises at the foot of the Costwolds hills in Gloucestershire, not far from Wales, in favor of a spur of the water table. But now you have to descend the bed of the river for almost 8 kilometers before you see the first traces of water.

Upstream, the Thames is characterized only by dry dirt roads, with a few muddy puddles at best. The usefulness of the bridges that normally span the river has disappeared. Here and there corpses of lobsters present themselves to the eyes of passers-by.

The Thames runs dry not far from its source on 8 August 2022.
The Thames runs dry not far from its source on August 8, 2022. © ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP

“After a prolonged drought, the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire has dried up. The first drop of water can be observed 8 kilometers below”, details at the Guardian Rob Collins, scientific director of the Rivers Trust.

The experts quoted by the London daily all say that this is the first time such a phenomenon has been observed.

“The African Savannah”

For tourists who have come to observe the source of the most distinctive river in the United Kingdom, the disappointment is great. “It’s completely dry. There are puddles, mud but no smooth flowing water so far, we sure hope to find the Thames downstream but so far it’s gone,” a holidaymaker in the town of Ashton Keynes told Agence France-Presse said. , a few kilometers from the source.

“It looks like we are walking in the African savanna”, is another plenty.

The Thames runs dry not far from its source on 8 August 2022.
The Thames runs dry not far from its source on August 8, 2022. © ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP

No respite in sight anytime soon: The National Weather Agency issued an orange heat warning for southern England and east Wales on Tuesday between Thursday and Sunday, with temperatures reaching 35 to 36 degrees.

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Local authorities are increasingly calling to save water, and the company that supplies the capital, London, has announced upcoming restrictions on consumption, which will be added to those already in force in part of the south of the country.

In France, desiccation phenomena have also been observed on many rivers due to the drought which does not spare France. The Gorges du Verdon had to close this week in the face of an alarming water level.

with Jules Fresard with AFP



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