Wireless in-ear headphones are a match for their larger counterparts. As Stiftung Warentest writes, the Bluetooth earplugs from JBL, Sennheiser or Sony can keep up with on- and over-ear models. However, for good sound quality and noise suppression, the small headphones would have to be positioned in such a way that they seal the ear canal. To ensure that the in-ear headphones sit correctly, most manufacturers now supply attachments in various sizes.

“Not everyone likes the feeling of pressure, but their ears don’t sweat,” says the consumer organization. The small earphones did not hinder the exchange of heat through the ears. On the other hand, heat quickly builds up under the ear cushions of large headphones.

Attention joggers

Stiftung Warentest also emphasizes that in-ear headphones are well suited for athletes, as they are light and “sit securely in the ear even with the wildest movements”.

Many true wireless in-ear models now offer Active Noise Canceling (ANC). According to Stiftung Warentest, this is so good for certain models that the organization warns joggers against it. In road traffic it can be dangerous if ambient noise is completely suppressed.

The Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has recognized its favorite audio products. There are 25 winners in the Hi-Fi category. You can read about them here.

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