In detail: everything that hides the photo taken by the ruling party in Mendoza

Last night the members of Change Mendoza viralized a curious photograph headed by Rodolfo Suarez Y Mario Abed. In it, the referents of the electoral front are seen posing in front of a large screen that shows the new logo of the space that brings them together. But beyond that detail, what is most striking are the names of those present and – above all – some absent.

Specifically, the national deputy Omar De Marchi conspicuous by its absence. While the PRO It is represented by its president Álvaro Martínez, the mayor of Luján Sebastián Bragagnolo and the deputy Gustavo Cairo -among others- the absence of the national legislator is notorious. The most curious thing is that he was in the place but left before the image was taken. Some say that he left annoyed by some specific presences, others say that he had an urgency and there are those who attribute it to the delay in setting up the stage. “I left because I had just had dental surgery and I was not feeling well. That is the reason,” De Marchi explained to MDZ.


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