in Brochon, a very natural amusement park!

Here, the principle is that admission is free, and tickets for certain attractions are paid, which are all more suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old. There is everything: roller coaster, farm animals, bumper boats, small train … And a restaurant for parents.

There is something for all ages © Radio France
Magali Fichter

The park was taken over by Nadine Robelin and her husband in 1994. In season, twelve people work there. Throughout the winter, they performed maintenance, repairs, cared for the animals, and reopened in March. And when Nadine sees her park full, it warms her heart, especially since the difficult years follow one another and that they are really dependent on the weather !

It’s really the family, the holiday atmosphere without headache. The customers are loyal, I love it. We are passionate about our job and fortunately, because at the end of the year, when we do the accounts, it is not that good. But we hold on!

The roller coaster looks retro, but they are always very successful. And the highlight of the show is the animals in semi-freedom that children can feed and pet, like these dwarf goats.

Goats are the stars of Florida
Goats are the stars of Florida © Radio France
Magali Fichter

For Nadine Robelin, these animals are a real plus. Another advantage: free park and à la carte attractions, “like that, people spend according to their income, and are not obliged to spend. And the children are all happy“.

During the holidays the park is open every day from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.