The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus expressed regret over the closure of the Consulate General of the Republic in New York at the request of the American side. The statement was published on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

It states that this decision will significantly complicate the provision of consular services to Belarusians in the United States. The Foreign Ministry also pointed out that such actions by the United States indicate the indifference of the American authorities to the fate of the Belarusian people.

“The US demand in practice demonstrates the real meaning of the constant statements of the American side about“ support ”and“ care ”for the Belarusian people,” the ministry said.

The fact that the Consulate General of Belarus in New York will cease its work on October 21, 2021, became known on October 11. The diplomatic mission said that citizens of Belarus living in the consular district, after the closure of the consulate general, will be able to contact the embassy located in Washington.

On August 11, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry revoked its earlier consent to the appointment of Julie Fisher as US Ambassador to Minsk. In addition, the department proposed to Washington to reduce the number of the embassy to five people by September 1.

Fischer was named ambassador in December 2020. At the same time, there has been no American ambassador to Belarus since 2008. Representatives of the two countries were headed by temporary attorneys. The sides recalled the ambassadors after the sanctions imposed on Minsk.

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