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Dolphins – they are supposed to protect the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. And Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin seems to have an intimate relationship with these animals.

At least that’s what photos from September 2013 suggest.

At that time, the warmonger visited the Oceanarium near Vladivostok. You can see how Putin obviously enjoys petting the animals.

The Kremlin despot obviously takes a liking to the animalsPhoto: AP

What do dolphins have to do with the Ukraine war?

At the beginning of the war, two underwater enclosures were placed at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol.

The independent US Naval Institute (USNI) wrote on Wednesday (local time) in its news portal.

It is conceivable that the dolphins will be used to repel enemy divers who might try to enter the harbor and sabotage warships. Many of them are currently out of range of Ukrainian missiles.

The Washington Post wrote that the US satellite photo service Maxar shares the assessment of the USNI experts. The provider had made the relevant recordings available to the newspaper.

Given their excellent sense of hearing, the marine mammals are able to detect mines and other potentially dangerous objects, it said.

According to the US Naval Institute, based in Annapolis, Maryland, the Soviet Navy developed several marine mammal programs during the Cold War, including one using so-called combat dolphins near Sevastopol.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it went to the Ukrainian military, but then came under the control of the Russian Navy as a result of the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Since then, these programs have been expanded.

Animals in military use

▶︎ sea ​​lions: Similar to dolphins, the mammals are supposed to track down terrorists, spies or enemy navy divers under water and sound the alarm. They are also used in mine detection.

▶︎ Dogs: The four-legged friends use their fine sense of smell to sniff out the explosive scent of explosives and other chemicals in land mines. They are intensively trained to detect both metal and plastic mines.

▶︎ The rat: They are also used in mined areas. According to the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining, a group of rats is just as productive as a pack of sniffer dogs, but saves considerable costs.

▶︎ Bees: The insects are said to be more effective when searching for mines than expensive search devices and sensitive sniffer dogs. Tens of thousands of bees can search a large area in a relatively short time without accidentally setting off mines. For example, the trained animals are trained to associate the smell of the explosive material with food. They then swarm near buried mines hoping to find food there.

▶︎ Equidae (horses and equine): They are used for military transport. The mountain troops of the Bundeswehr, for example, maneuver through the most remote passages with their mules and Haflingers. Mules can carry up to 140 kilograms of weapons and equipment.



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