In a micro bikini, Belinda jumps into the sea from a cliff

Belinda She is enjoying a few days off, and she gave her fans a great surprise when she shared on her social networks that she is accompanied by the American actor Jared Leto. They both had fun tour tourist, but she made an impact by showing off her body in a string microbikini, throwing herself from a cliff; shortly after the winner of the Oscar did his thing.

The beautiful singer posed aboard a yacht and was even shown climbing a mountain, losing part of one of her nails and complementing her publication of Instagram with the message: “When your friends force you to do something you don’t want to do, and in the end you like it! PS take the risk of climbing a mountain, even if you end up losing a nail, when you reach the top you will realize that everything happens, that life is beautiful and that you only live once… and you have to live it baby… (sorry I took your shoes)”.

A photo of Belinda in which he appears during his trip to Italy and showing off his abdomen has caused a furor among his fans, and already has more than 945,000 likes. The singer continues to live in Spain and has not yet planned to return to Mexico, although she was recently visiting to fulfill some professional commitments.

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