The Franco-Austrian pharmaceutical company Valneva has signed a purchase agreement with the EU Commission for 60 million doses of its inactivated Covid-19 vaccine VLA2001. About two weeks ago the EU Commission had already approved the pre-sale contract for VLA2001, a so-called “dead vaccine”.


After the EU member states had finally checked the quantities, Valneva now expects to deliver 24.3 million cans in the second and third quarters of 2022, according to a broadcast by the group. This firm order could then optionally be increased to up to 60 million cans, which would be delivered in 2023. At the beginning of November, the EU Commission spoke of 27 million doses in the whole of 2022, with the option of 33 million more doses in the following year.

However, approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is still pending. “We look forward to starting the rolling review at the EMA now that the responsible experts (rapporteurs) have been appointed,” Valneva’s managing director (CBO) Franck Grimaud is quoted in the company’s statement. In October, Valneva had already reported “positive” results from the phase 3 clinical trial for its vaccine candidate.

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