in 13 months from the car on fire to the world gold in wakeboard-

from Barbara Gerosa

The 19-year-old from Lecco won the junior title overtaking the USA and Australia. In April 2021, her father’s rally car caught fire: coma and third degree burns. They said I couldn’t train anymore. I am proud of myself

When I woke up in that hospital bed later two days of coma pharmacological I believed that my dream had vanished. Bandages on the face, hands bandaged. I thought: that’s enough, I’ll give up everything. Ma la vita it never ceases to reserve surprises. I returned home determined not to be overwhelmed by fear and pain. The voice still as a child, the body as an adult, the determination only hidden by the sweetness of the smile. Aliz Piana, 19, from Leccoholds in his hands, still covered by the gloves that he always wears since the accident, the gold medal wins on the waters of Lake Salto in the province of Rieti, where the wakeboard world championships, a sport that combines water skiing and snowboarding.

she, Aliz, the new queen of categoria junior women. After snatching a place in the semi-final from the repechage, climbed to the top step of the podium in front of the favorite, the Australian Mackenzie Mccarthy and the American Kira Lewis. An unthinkable goal until a few months ago. Survived a terrible accident, con third degree burns on the limbs and face. Hospitalization and rehabilitation in a specialized clinic: two months in a hospital bed.

Era April 2021. Mio padre always been passionate about engines – he says -. We were in France and he was training me because I wanted to participate with his team at the Paris Dakar. During a test drive, I was the co-driver, the steering broke, the car overturned several times and caught fire. I had the fireproof suit and helmet, but his hands and face were uncovered. I woke up two days later in the hospital, I was completely blindfolded. I immediately five surgeries, they transplanted my skin. On June 12 I went home. The doctors they told me that for at least a year I would no longer be able to do physical activity, and instead just over thirteen months later I won the wakeboard world championship.

The friends, the companions of the Sambuca Effect Wakeboard School Lecco (they brought home two other medals with Federico Dal Lago and Igor Colombo), the support of her parents and her boyfriend, who practices the same sport, to give her strength. Without them I would never have made it – Aliz continues -. After a month I already had the table at my feet, but it was not easy because it was the second time I had started all over again. The crash on the racing track, in fact, came two years later the rupture of the cruciate and meniscus during a workout: nine months without being able to go into the water. But Aliz never gave up. A passion, her, born as a child. Athletic physique, sports lover: climbing, football, motocross, karting, water skiing. The first time I crossed the waters of the lake dragged by the motorboat with a board at my feet, I realized that nothing could have given me that feeling, she confesses.

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At thirteen the call-up to the Italian national team, and the results were not long in coming: third at the World Cup in Argentina among the under 14s, a category in which he also won two Europeans. Mexico, Portugal, United States. The training, the competitions, the school. After graduation, the university in Milan in tourism, management and culture. Because you always have to have a plan b, Aliz smiles as she closes the last suitcase. leaving for Germany, where the European wakeboarding will be held in Cologne from 8 to 14 August. His first time in categories open, which includes female athletes between 18 and 30 years old. Fear and pain are far away. Today I can say that I am proud of the path I have taken and of the person I have become. I just have to remember never to disappoint, the words under the post that appeared on her Instagram page on the anniversary of the accident. In the shots the hospital bed, the bandages, the burns on the facea teddy bear in his hands. I waited twelve months before posting those photos. I could hardly look at them either. Then I realized it was time to turn the page and move on.

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