IMSS reactivates Covid 4.0 permit due to rise in infections; so you can handle it

Ante increase in Covid infections the country, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that it will reactivate the digital tool Permiso COVID-19in its version 4.0.

The agency explained that through a QR code which will be available in www.imss.gob.mxin the app Digital IMSS for smartphones, as well as in all medical units, workers will be able to enter their data and receive confirmation of their permit by mail, which they have to notify their company and works exactly like any other temporary disability.

“The COVID 4.0 permit is a service provided by the Institute for affiliated workers. It has the purpose of helping them to quickly work on their disability without having to go to the doctor, without having to take a test and receive directly electronically the notification of the general sickness benefit that corresponds to them, “they highlighted.

They explained that in order to process their disability, the worker must capture the captcha that is shown on the screen and then enter personal data, their CURP, Social Security Number, INE and a positive COVID test, if they have one; all this in PDF or JPG format.

They mentioned that once the information is entered, the program interacts with the worker and asks for bank details, a CLABE account is entered and confirmation is made as to whether they want to take the COVID permit.

And they said that the worker will be given legal permission to be absent for five days and receive a subsidy -as occurs in general illness- of 60% of the salary registered in the IMSS during the fourth and fifth days of disability; Payment will be made to the registered account and once the request has been processed, it cannot be cancelled.

THE UNIVERSAL reported that last June it was placed in the top-ten of the months that have registered the most Covid-19 infections throughout the pandemic, with 263,780 infections reported in our country.

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Specialists detailed that a fifth wave is already being experienced, and they detail that many of these infections are due to the new variants of omicron BA.4 and BA.5.

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