The Mexican Insurance Institute (IMSS) in the state of Mexico Poniente asks the eligible population to attend the PrevenIMSS modules, located in the 42 Family Medicine Units (UMF) in the state, to maintain adequate control of their conditions and be vaccinated against COVID-19, with the aim of not becoming seriously ill in case of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the PrevenIMSS modules, comprehensive and multidisciplinary health promotion care is provided to the population (Photo: special).

As a strategy to maintain and preserve the health of the population, the Institute promotes a healthy lifestyle through preventive medicine modules.

In this regard, Dr. Fernando Villareal Amate, Coordinator of Information and Strategic Analysis of the Poniente State of Mexico, warned that the health emergency due to COVID-19 continues, hence the importance of strengthening self-care and disease prevention.

Through the PrevenIMSS modules, comprehensive and multidisciplinary health promotion, nutrition surveillance is provided to the population; disease prevention, detection and control, as well as reproductive health.

The actions include: the detection of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cervical cancer and breast cancer. As well as: vaccination, nutrition consultation, counseling on reproductive health issues, psychological assistance and guidance for oral health care.

Additionally, Villareal Amate recalled that to have an optimal state of health, it is necessary: do physical activity, eat a balanced diet and reduce the risks of vulnerability to chronic degenerative diseases through adequate medical follow-up and adherence to their treatment.

In relation to the vaccine against COVID-19, a call is made to receive the biological against COVID-19 and make sure you have the complete schematic, since, in case of contracting the virus, the risk of complications and death is reduced. “Even vaccinated, keep taking care of yourself.”

The specialist concluded that it is safe to go to the FMU for follow-up consultations, since Filters were placed at the entrances of these units since the beginning of the pandemic, where alcohol gel is available or there is a space for hand washing.



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