Cuernavaca.- The IMSS Morelos seeks to grow in hospital infrastructure. It is working to create a new regional hospital with 260 beds, reported José Miguel Ángel Van-Dick Puga, head of the State Decentralized Administrative Operation Body.

He explained that as the pandemic decreases, the IMSS advances in the backwardness of surgeries, as well as in the recovery of services, but remains prepared in case of returning to the hospital reconversion.

For now, the IMSS Morelos, faces various challenges and has goals for 2022, said Van-Dick Puga, among the main ones, growth in hospital infrastructure and resolution capacity stands out.

He explained that in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata a family medicine unit with nine clinics is on the doorstep, plus six of ongoing care, for now the arrival of the resource is only awaited, to start with the tender.

An 80-bed hospital is also on the horizon in Yecapixtla, and there is a project to build a regional hospital with a 260-bed area, in which the best location is being sought, to provide better care for the right-of-life.


He stressed that the IMSS Morelos has valuable human capital, which has allowed it to place pacemakers in heart disease patients, while it continues to work to ensure that kidney and cornea transplants can be performed, which will prevent them from having to move to the City of Mexico.

“We have various projects, we also want to open new services, especially highly specialized ones, for the Morelos entitlement, it will not be easy, but every day we continue working to improve care,” said José Miguel Van-Dick Puga.

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Finally, he acknowledged that 2020 and 2021 have been complicated years, but he recognized the great work that all the IMSS Morelos staff has done, allowing to attend to the health emergency due to COVID-19, as well as other diseases, so little by little it has been normalizing the care of various ailments.


  • Family Medicine Unit of 9 offices and 6 of continuous care in Emiliano Zapata
  • 80-bed hospital in Yecapixtla
  • 260-bed regional hospital, no defined location

“We have various projects. We want to open new services, especially highly specialized services for the Morelos right.” José Miguel Van Dick, IMSS representative in Morelos

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