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La Paz, Baja California Sur, (OEM-Informex).- The Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 7 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Baja California Sur achieved certification by the Health Council, through of the Commission for the Certification of Medical Care Establishments (CCEAM).

This unit, located in the municipality of Los Cabos, was inaugurated on July 22, 1980 with a total of 6,537 beneficiaries, it restarted its services on May 3, 2004, after being closed since April 20, 1997, the date on which they were transferred the Family Medicine services to the General Hospital of the Subzone with Family Medicine (HGSZ/MF) No. 26.

The director of UMF No. 7, Selenne Elizeth Osuna Durán, pointed out that the unit she directs represents the First Level of Care of the institutional health system, which is characterized by attending to the disease process in the individual, the family and the community. community in all areas.

He explained that in order to receive said certification, a series of processes had to be fulfilled, such as implementing a patient safety model of the General Health Council, through the standards for the Certification of Primary Care Clinics and Specialty Consultations, with the Objectives Identify and prioritize risks and problems, Implement good practices, Standardize highly variable processes, Learn from mistakes, Achieve continuous improvement, among others.

For this, there are Critical Systems that are Medication Management and Use (MMU), Infection Prevention and Control (PCI), Facility Management and Safety (FMS), Personnel Competencies and Training (SQE), Standards Focused on Patient, The Standards Centered in the Management and the Plan of Quality and Safety of the Patient.

The processes were defined as the implementation of the barriers defined in the processes, for example: lasa medications; handling of multidose medications, labeling of dangerous substances, CPR training, informed consent, etc.

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A matrix of risks and problems was generated for the four critical systems, clinical processes and management.

This certification process was registered on June 6, 2017, to reactivate the evaluation process in 2021, this was developed and implemented with the support of the unit’s family doctor, Dr. Juana Lucio González, as well as the administrator, Cinthia Vanesaa Dueñas Espinoza, and the director of UMF No. 7, Dr. Selenne Elizeth Osuna Durán.

Finally, last Friday, May 13, the head of the IMSS in Baja California Sur, Dr. José Luis Ahuja Navarro, gave a significant recognition to all the health personnel who work in said unit, thanking them for their support and acknowledging the effort they have made. to deserve such an important distinction.



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