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The government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador grants impunity for Emilio Lozoya in exchange for his defamation and lies against those who may be adversaries of the fourth transformation in the presidential race of 2024, affirmed Marko Cortés, elected national president of the National Action Party (PAN).

After the dissemination of photos and a video in which the former director of Petróleos Mexicano (Pemex) is observed chatting at the Hunan restaurant in Lomas Virreyes, despite being subject to house arrest, the PAN leader pointed out:

“We have said it clearly: the López Obrador government intimidates, persecutes, and maliciously and falsely uses the Attorney General’s Office to persecute opponents and we cannot accept that.”

Interviewed at the end of Alejandra Gutiérrez’s inauguration as municipal president of León, Guanajuato, Cortés also maintained that former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya has clearly demonstrated, through videos, that the facts for which he is accused are only allegations of Emilio Lozoya that are not proven and that the only thing they seek is to disqualify him.

Emilio Lozoya was captured this Saturday night at the Hunan restaurant, located in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, in Mexico City, as reported by social media users.

In one of the images, apparently taken from the adjoining table, Lozoya Austin is seen wearing a dark jacket, accompanied at the table by two other people; a man who wears a brown blazer and a woman with blond hair.



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