Important Notice ‘Scientist Director’ of AstraZeneca: ‘2G is morally objectionable and non-scientific’

De Scientist Director Global Development Oncology at AstraZeneca has spoken out passionately against the 2G system that Hugo de Jonge and Mark Rutte want to set up. Because, he argues, it “is not only morally reprehensible, but also virtually unsupportable scientifically.” So, De Jonge and Rutte can do it with that.

“I see more and more LinkedIn posts from medical scientific professionals who – each in their own way – are concerned and express their concerns about the policy pursued with regard to QR codes. I agree with that.” writes Didier Meulendijks on LinkedIn. “The QR, and soon 2G society that is being rigged, and with which people are excluded on a large scale on the basis of vaccination status, is not only morally reprehensible but also almost unsupportable scientifically.”

Vaccinated people also spread the virus

He goes on to explain that “Data show that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines – while effective in reducing the likelihood of hospitalization – soon have no relevant effect on the spread of the virus. This removes any justification for the proposed QR society in which people – including all children from the age of 12 – are forced to be vaccinated in order to participate in normal social life.”

“Not ethical”

“The group of QR-less Dutch people largely consists of healthy young people (including children) whose risk of hospitalization is small, as well as a large number of people who have already experienced Covid-19 (but cannot show a positive test).” Meulendijks continues. “Excluding these people on the basis of vaccination status is not ethically justifiable and leads to social and societal damage that cannot be foreseen.”

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silent silent

Finally, he also has a message for what he calls the “silent majority”. “Unfortunately, it seems more and more that a tacit majority of the Netherlands ensures presumed agreement with this policy, and that could become very damaging in the long run.” That is precisely why, in his view, it is important that he speaks out against this publicly.

What does he want to do then? “Instead of QR codes, let us fully focus on repairing the healthcare capacity that has been reduced in recent years.”

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Are you reading along, QR fascists De Jonge and Rutte?

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