Immune to corona for life after infection? Study result is available

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Months, years, for a lifetime? Vaccinated and Covid convalescents are driven by the question of how long they are immune to corona. Researchers come to promising study results.

A vaccination against Covid-19 or a corona infection stimulates the body to produce corona antibodies. The result: In both groups, the disease does not break out (anymore) or is milder. For months, however, virus mutations have raised the question of whether a corona vaccination or a past illness are sufficient for long-term protection. If the virus can change, As with the flu vaccination, the vaccine must then be adjusted every year? And then do citizens have to be immunized against Corona every year? Researchers around the world are preoccupied with this topic.

With regard to those who have recovered from Covid, a new publication gives hope for long-lasting protection. Some studies carried out so far had shown that the number of antibodies can be extremely low after a few months after a corona infection. This is accompanied by poorer protection against a new outbreak of the disease. But the new publication in the journal Nature now shows that not only antibodies, but also immune cells in the bone marrow play a role. The immunity is said to last longer than previously assumed if long-lived plasma cells remain in the body. These could ensure that antibody production can be restarted at any time, like the Focus informed. The group of US researchers who published the study assumes that those who have recovered from Covid will be immune for at least a year afterwards. Some might even be protected from Corona for a lifetime, like reported. A vaccination improves the protection even more, it is said.

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Survey on the subject of corona vaccination

Immune after illness? “An immunological memory against the virus for a lifetime”

An employee of the Baden-Württemberg State Health Office tests blood samples for antibodies. Other immune cells also play a role with regard to corona infections.

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According to the US scientists, their study results provide central evidence that “if we see this positively, we will probably have an immunological memory for life against the virus that infected us. So it is precisely the variant of Sars-CoV-2 that infected us that our immune system does not forget“, Quoted Focus the director of studies. To support this thesis, however, larger-scale studies would have to follow. Further research also needs to be done on what the knowledge means with regard to the need for regular vaccinations.

Another study, which also analyzed immune cells from recovered Covid, is published in advance on the preprint server BioRxiv published. The essence of this: certain B memory cells would still mature in the body for at least twelve months after infection. Virologist Alexander Kekulé explains it in the MDR podcast as follows: “These B-lymphocytes mature so far that these long-lived bone marrow cells emerge at the end. And if you have proven that, then it proves that the immune system has pulled out all the stops, so to speak, in the production of antibodies ”. (also)

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